Toward Agave Expressionism

What is an American musical aesthetic?

Music of Changes is comfortably numb.

Agave Expressionism is about attending to moments of cultural rupture. It is a contingent space; there is not a sound, no material. It is a liminality — perhaps an impossibility.

“I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye.”

Agave Expressionism is about takin’ it easy. Formal rigor and formal relaxation. Content and content .

Baudrillard wearing a gold lamé tuxedo.

Agave Expressionism is not stupid, though it dares to embrace the dumb. Banal but not tedious. It is not that High and Low are pre-existing conditions of culture but that such delineations are mediators of culture. High and Low exist even where they are marginalized, and where they are problematic. The incorporation of this attention into composition is Neo-Pastiche, a technique by which Agave Expressionism is possibly achieved.

Dada, Fluxus. Daquan, Worldstar.

Agave Expressionism is a state of mind. It’s a way of thinking about art, a way of addressing concepts of High and Low and the dissatisfaction with pre-existing methods of dealing with culture. Treating cultural material with dignity.

How has Bang on a Can failed?

Agave Expressionism is about addressing how avant-garde responses have failed. It is not revolutionary, it is an anti-reactionary rupture. It is not a cynical gesture. It is an attempt to bring this rupture into a formal possibility. When do we know that we have rebelled or failed to rebel? And against what?

Burl Ives and Charles Ives. Morton Feldman and Corey Feldman.

Agave Expressionism is an unrequited love affair with culture. How does one deal with the failed revolts of the past century of art? It is not to succeed — it is to fail differently, in a different dimension. Agave Expressionism is an ethos of this failure, a practice towards releasing blockages to the emotional life of culture: exercising our fraught sociality, taking seriously the question of lucidity and madness, sobriety and intoxication within culture.

Boulez burns one in the LBC.