…with Jack Callahan…

10+ years of experience. Professionally treated room featuring Adam Audio A77X midfield monitors with matched Sub12 time aligned and calibrated with Sonarworks run through RME Fireface 800. Competitive rates for both digital and vinyl.

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Helm, C. Spencer Yeh, Angels in America, Bookworms, Sea Urchin, The Idealist, Nick Klein, Jeff Witscher, Hank Jackson, Max Eilbacher, Aki Goto, Farewell My Concubine, Greg Stuart, LXV, James K, F1k, Bobby Flan, Lucie Vítková, Ex Continent, Soren Roi, Ellen Phan, Stallone the Reducer, Miguel Alvarino, Nihar Bhatt, Nick James Scavo, and many more!


ALTER, Anno, Anomia, Bánh Mì Verlag, Commend, DroneDisco, Feeding Tube Records, iDEAL, Ormolycka, Primitive Languages/Psychic Liberation, and many more!