“yoooooowhatuhoe” (2015) on EBM(T)

“yoooooowhatuhoe” was developed on a tour of the American West Coast in February 2015.

The macro form of the piece was predetermined with special attention paid to temporal ratio between sections, while the material filling out the different sections was generated by procedures ranging from retyping the content of a G-Chat conversation on the Computer MIDI Keyboard to capture the typing habits of the composer and thereby generating pitch and rhythmic data, to using weighted random processes to build dense stacks of pitches.

The sound sources used in the piece are the following:

General MIDI (10. Glockenspiel; 38. Slap Bass 2; 54. Voice Oohs; 83. Lead 3 [calliope]) + Simple Additive & FM synthesis + 909 Bass Drum

All this stated, there is no overarching concept for the piece. There is no explanation nor justification, it is organized sound in time.